PayToo is making the news!

We had a great week at PayToo as we are going slowly to the weekend.

Florida and particularly Miami, have seen a recent development of the ‘French Tech’.

According to ‘Le Courrier de Floride’, the label ‘French Tech’ has been for long, attributed to the East Coast and the North of the United States, the ‘French Tech’ label is blowing up in Miami with the presence of dozens of tech companies. PayToo with its revolutionary digital wallet, is joining them.

PayToo has also been displayed in the article of ‘The Market Mogul’ that focus on the Money Transfer in Africa. Mobile Wallets offer one of the best solution to transfer money safely and quickly. The adoption is more complicated in Africa, as only few portion of the population posses a smartphone. However, PayToo with its unique solution, give access to financial transactions via the mobile application but also via texts. Which remove the need of a smartphone.

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Discover the PayToo New Website!



Hello World!

We are thrilled to share with you today the new look of our website!

We are working on the rebranding of PayToo since months and the website is the first step of this project.

This rebranding is going along with an entire update of our services in order to get the best providers and coverage for you.

That is the reason why you might noticed some interruptions in our services and system. But be assured that we are working to have PayToo full suite of services back soon, and with even more services!


Thank you again for your trust in PayToo!

PayToo is finalist of the Digital Innovation Award!


We are excited and proud to be finalist of the Digital Innovation Award of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida.

The winner will be announced during the annuel gala on May 18th, 2017, that gathers more than 250 French and American officials and executives and reward the highly innovative companies based in Florida in four different categories: Start-up, Environment, Digital and Art de Vivre.

The purpose of the Innovation Award is to highlight entrepreneurs with innovative visions. ​

We are excited for the winner’s announcement on May 18th!

With PayToo Your Face Becomes Your Signature

Smile and Pay too

What if we were telling you that you could confirm a payment by using your smile?Today PayToo is making this technology possible with the launch of the PayToo SmileandPay solution.

PayToo SmileandPay uses facial recognition and QR Code features to verify payment and simplify the shopping experience. It remplaces the need to remembering passwords, speeds up and secures the checkout, while improving the purchase process.

This solution is very simple for the users; they download the PayToo Assistant application, then they scan their ID, take a selfie and a picture of their credit or debit card. The client who pays using PayToo SmileandPay©, scans a QR Code, and validates the transaction by taking a Selfie. The merchant is never accessing or retaining any of the consumer’s personal information.

For our CEO Michel Poignant, “Online payments and financial services are going through a revolution, and we are excited to be part of it, by offering an innovative, secure and easy solution to both merchants and customers.”

We are proud to offer to any customers banked or not, a payment solution faster and easier, but also safer and more secure by dramatically reducing the possibility of fraudulent transactions.