PayToo is making the news!

We had a great week at PayToo as we are going slowly to the weekend.

Florida and particularly Miami, have seen a recent development of the ‘French Tech’.

According to ‘Le Courrier de Floride’, the label ‘French Tech’ has been for long, attributed to the East Coast and the North of the United States, the ‘French Tech’ label is blowing up in Miami with the presence of dozens of tech companies. PayToo with its revolutionary digital wallet, is joining them.

PayToo has also been displayed in the article of ‘The Market Mogul’ that focus on the Money Transfer in Africa. Mobile Wallets offer one of the best solution to transfer money safely and quickly. The adoption is more complicated in Africa, as only few portion of the population posses a smartphone. However, PayToo with its unique solution, give access to financial transactions via the mobile application but also via texts. Which remove the need of a smartphone.

You can read the full articles by following the links below:








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