Protect Yourself, Protect Your Online Accounts

            Hacking is a cybercrime that does not happen just to others. In fact, close to 70 percent of bank account holders mostly worry about this type of crime (Gallup statistics). There are more than 4,000 cyber attacks every day, 170 attacks every hour, and almost three attacks every minute. These figures represent 1.5 million cyber attacks annually. Data breaches are not inconsequential because they expose your passwords, emails, home addresses and account information. Generally, a cyber victim’s account will be refunded within 48 hours. Cyber hacks cost $100bn a year to the American economy and the larger banks are the most targeted.

            However, you can protect yourself from cybercrime simply by doing the following:

  • Regularly change your passwords on your devices
  • Install an antivirus and update it as soon as needed
  • Download your smartphone apps only from an official app store
  • Do not click on hyperlinks that may appear as a “phishing” attempt
  • Regularly check your account balances

Protecting the data and personal information of our users is a high priority for PAYTOO Corp. When accessing their wallet, PAYTOO customers benefit from a high level of security with the issuance of a one-time PIN, a unique security code coupled with a password. PAYTOO exercises a high level of security with strong compliance verification for all of its services. Sharing your information could make you a victim of scams and fraudulent activities. That’s why we recommend that you never share your PAYTOO Wallet information, including your username, password, account number, 6 digit security code and your prepaid card personal identification number. Keep your information private and your account will be safe.



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