Millennial Generation Says “yes” to Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Card Facebook-2

In the field of technology, the number of young Americans whom use prepaid cards and mobile payment is increasing. Due to the cost of education in the United States and graduating with a high amount in student loans, many young Americans hold a fear of carrying debt and a possible return of a financial crisis, wanting more and more to secure a financial future.

Even if the older consumer will continue to use plastic credit cards, almost half of the millennial generation (45%) uses prepaid debit cards, which reveals the younger consumer’s desire to have more control over money and avoid high bank fees.

Therefore, the number of mobile payment apps continues to grow at a rapid pace, and its users too. The younger Americans are favorable to this means of payment, because it offers them advantages; for example, our rewards program.

Indeed, thanks to your PAYTOO account, you can order a prepaid MasterCard and use it whenever and wherever you use cash. No need to have a bank account and your card information cannot be stolen!

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