2016: The Year of Mobile Wallets?

Did you know that the number of cell phone users in the world was expected to pass five billion by 2019? We can talk about a mobile revolution and it can be seen especially in Africa, Latin America and even in India, where there are currently 125 million smartphone users. Indians and other people from the third world, get more and more access to education, information, employment, shopping, etc.  Thanks to all of these improvements in this area, they get closer to the more developed. And it is just the beginning…

All smartphone users, in all parts of the world, should be able to have access the same online resources. However, this is not always the case, especially in these developing countries where the presence of the financial institutions is very low. We, at PAYTOO, are available worldwide and for everybody, banked or unbanked. Our mobile wallet and everything that comes with it; bill payments, gift cards, money transfer, direct deposit, expand very quickly. Mobile wallets will become more common due to the high fees in banks and everywhere else.

Moreover, PAYTOO is not just a payment solution, it offers a full range of services. For example, this technology allows those who emigrated to make transactions and communicate through their mobile wallet easy.  Making this the best solution, coupled together, simple and secure.

If all cell phone users, all around the world, are able to familiarize themselves with this striking rise of technology and mobile wallets, some confidence and awareness should go hand in hand with this growth. PAYTOO is more than just a mobile wallet. It is the way to be permanently connected and follow the phenomenal of digitization.

Hey! Visit this cool article about mobile subscribers in India -> http://www.forbes.com/sites/saritharai/2016/01/06/india-just-crossed-1-billion-mobile-subscribers-milestone-and-the-excitements-just-beginning/


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