Activate Your Number to Use PAYTOO!

When getting a new number in India, the number automatically connects to a “do not call” registry that blocks the phone from receiving any calls that would be deemed a telemarketing call. These calls are primarily blocked for banking and financial commerce businesses, real estate, tourism and leisure. In order for this to be disabled, so that customers who want to use PAYTOO’s Mobile Wallet™ can sign up, simply go to and that web address well take you to a page that looks like the picture above. Once there, you can deactivate from the DND (do not call registry). There are several ways to deactivate. The first way is so that you can receive all numbers, or you can deactivate by category as to only allow certain calls to be allowed through.

Those who wish to sign up for a mobile wallet with PAYTOO must do this before signing up, otherwise the number is not going to register and you will not be able to sign up with PAYTOO. The process is simple and very much worth it! If there are any further questions or complications, PAYTOO’s awesome support team is available to help out in every way!

For more information don’t forget to visit us at!


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