Improving Your Finances

PAYTOO came across a great article that shows how one can improve their financial status! Read the article below by TIME magazine to learn a few ways to better work your finances.

Understand how fear can lead to money problems.
Zen and personal finance — sounds a little “woo woo,” right? Except that there are actually several Zen concepts that can help you gain a different perspective on your money and improve your finances. Give it a try! Here are four ways that going Zen can help you handle your money better.

1. Fight Craving With Self-Awareness

Central to Zen is the idea that craving things causes us to experience bitterness, pain, and unease, and that the remedy for this lies in self-awareness. Basically, we see things (or people, or vacations, etc.) that we want. If we don’t have them, we are unhappy. To get rid of this unhappiness, we need to understand our cravings better, rather than give into them without analysis.

This can be as simple as asking, “Why do I want this right now?” Make sure to always weigh a “want” versus a “need.” Sometimes, we crave something so badly that we feel like we need it — but in reality, we don’t.

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