PAYTOO Safe…it Will Keep You Safe

PAYTOO Safe will help any and all who are trying to improve their credit or build their credit. Building credit can be a catch 22 at times. You need credit to be approved for things such as credit cards or car loans, however it is challenging to find companies that will give you credit cards or loans because you don’t have any credit. This is where PAYTOO comes in to help! By using PAYTOO Safe, our users who have no credit or are trying to build their credit back up will be able to use PAYTOO Safe, which simply requires a cash collateral deposit in the same amount of the desired credit line that the user wants. The user will be required to make a minimum monthly payment of $25 that will maintain the balance of the secured PAYTOO Safe credit line. PAYTOO Safe is easy to use and will establish or re-establish any users credit by reporting the user’s payment activity to the major credit bureaus. Below are a few tips, when trying to fix your credit. Check it out!

  1. Make 100% of your payments on time.
  2. Keep your credit card debt low. Don’t let debt balance exceed 30% of your credit limit at anytime.
  3. Use your card regularly.
  4. Keep accounts open for as long as possible
  5. Avoid opening too many accounts at once
  6. Check each of your credit reports annually
  7. Be Patient!

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