Be Free

PAYTOO came across a great article from that gives light to gaining the financial freedom that you long for! Being in debt is neither fun or helpful to anyone who is experiencing it. Debt is stressful for those on their own, but throw in a family, and the situation seems to be magnified. There are way that you can solve your debt issues! Take a stand to the financial freedom that you want and work towards your goal. Contrary to belief, it is possible to be debt free. Below is a snippet of the article that PAYTOO read that was extremely helpful. Check it out!

“The crazy boss.  The insane co-workers. The reorganizing. The reorganizing of the department that just got reorganized last month.  The downsizing. The layoffs.  Being forced to do twice as much work as before, for the same money,

…and a stupid “attaboy” plaque.

The mind-numbing marathon meetings that suck the life out of you.  Being ushered like cattle into assembly line food buffets. The regurgitation of last year’s “new paradigm” and “out of the box thinking” claims, that were neither a new paradigm nor a display of innovative thinking last year.

The nights away from your family at a budget hotel. Cramming four colleagues into an economy-class rental car, so that you can waste another day driving the stupid boss around. The flight delays. More flight delays. And even more flight delays.  Arriving home after midnight. On a Friday night. On your night.

The stupid office politics. The Peter Principle. The stack ranking.  The blatant nepotism. The ass kissing. The ass kissing. The ass kissing.

The selling of your soul for five days a week, so that it can be loaned back to you on the weekends.  The five days of bondage, exchanged for two days a week and two weeks a year of “freedom”.

But corporate America isn’t the enemy.


The enemy is you.

When did you decide to stop fighting? To just give up? To take it?”


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