Top It Up !

In an ever evolving world, everyone wants to keep up. We want the latest gadgets, the latest cars, and of course the best cell phones there are. Cell phones have become our way of communicating and staying plugged into the world even when we should be tapping out for the day. Point being, we all need a way to stay connected to one another, whether we should or shouldn’t be on our phones, isn’t really the problem. The problem is how do we stay connected to loved ones and friends? Services such as Verizon or Sprint offer their contractual agreements to that keeps their customers connected, however these services aren’t every where.

For those who need or like to do a pay as you go method, like Virgin Mobile offers, you will need to top up your cell phone when your minutes are running low. To top up your phone means to add money to the account of your cell phone so that you can be able to use it. Every Friday PAYTOO offers various top up promotions that our PAYTOO customers can use to top up their phones quickly and cheaply. PAYTOO customers are also able to top up the cell phones of their loved ones in different countries as well! To learn more visit our website at


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