10 GOOD reasons to use PAYTOO

1.) This solution of payments allows you to top up cell phone, pay your bills, get your direct deposit, send money, create a gift card, virtual card or prepaid card, or even improve your credit simply from your cell phone or your computer!

2.) Thanks to PAYTOO you can stop relying on check cashing or financial services with high maintenance fees.

3.) No more being scared to lose your wallet and get your information stolen! Even if you lose your cell phone, nobody can use your information without your password and your security code. Plus, we use geolocalisation security to verify your transaction.

4.) Using PAYTOO Mobile Wallet will offer you a better management than debit card or credit card.

5.) Using PAYTOO Wallet to pay your purchases is faster.

6.) Bad credit, low credit, or zero credit with PAYTOO Safe users can begin to build or rebuild their credit.

7.) The new PAYTOO kiosks serve as a multifaceted interface that allows its users to do more than just deposit or withdraw money.

8.) Money can be transferred wallet to wallet for FREE no matter where you are in the world.

9.) With PAYTOO, get your salary directly deposited into your mobile wallet with no fees.

10.) You can do ALL of these features easily and hassle free from the comfort of your cell phone or computer!

Don’t delay, sign up for PAYTOO and make your money mobile TODAY.


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