8 tips to save money everyday !

mney tip1. Stop relying on check cashing. You do not have a bank account and you use cash checks? Open a PayToo account today and get your payroll directly in your wallet for free!

2. Improve your credit score. A good credit score can save you thousands of dollars in interest on anything (home, car, school loans and credit cards). If you’ve never paid attention on your credit score before or you do not have a bank account to start the process, you can use PAYTOO Safe. PAYTOO Safe only requires a cash collateral deposit in the same amount of the desired credit line. Plus, PAYTOO reports to the major credit bureaus.

3. Purchase online to save money. Use online websites to find good deals. If you worry your personal information will get stolen, you can issue a virtual debit card with your PAYTOO wallet and shop completely risk-free!

4. Switch your bank account to PAYTOO. You should be able to manage your money the way you like, and not have to rely on maintenance fees. In addition, with PAYTOO, you avoid bouncing checks and overdraft fees each month.

5. Challenge yourself to make your own thing! Take a look at PAYTOO’s Pinterest to get cool DIY ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/paytoowallet/!

6. Record your expenses by categories. It will be easier for you to make a budget, and save money.

7. Get access to musical contents at low cost! PAYTOO is now a partnez of Muzicol, a musical social network for independent artists where they can set up their own price.

8. Use PAYTOO to save money on each transfer. With PAYTOO you have the possibility to transfer money wallet to wallet at very low cost. And now, you can link your PAYTOO wallet to a credit card, in order for you to transfer money to bank accounts worldwide!


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