PAYTOO and the New Age of Financial Services

old song

Everyone is familiar with the music evolution, especially during the last fifteen years. As soon as the Internet offered easy access to exclusive music, stores have folded and labels have either altered their platforms or filed bankruptcy. The future always leans towards growth, regardless of the bumps encountered along the way. Today, buying music in a physical format is considered a novelty.

Traditional markets are doomed the minute the product can be obtained online and the concept of PAYTOO illustrates this. Conventional banking institutions must evolve, or they too will have to shut their doors.  No matter the product, if people can get it online, they will.

The financial industry is set to change more in the next three years than it has in the last thirty. A third of Americans are either unbanked or under-banked, which proves that mainstream banking is not enough. High fees, inconvenience, and bureaucratic structures send consumers seeking prepaid alternatives like Simple and GreenDot. It’s a clear indication of a need for change, especially considering the 2008 financial crisis nightmare.

Just as consumers want quick, inexpensive, and hassle-free access to music, PAYTOO delivers the same essentials for finances. Funds are stored in your account and can be withdrawn via prepaid cards, ATMs, and other convenient locations. Domestic and international transfers are offered at extremely competitive premiums. PAYTOO Direct offers instant access to paychecks, escaping the high cost and time it takes to deal with check-cashing stores.

PAYTOO is a top player in expanding innovations to the world. Because competitive offers are just not enough, PAYTOO offers the simplest interface ever developed. While the new age of banking already offers access through smartphones, PAYTOO services are available through a simple text message.

When you think about how the music industry changed in the last decade and how easy it is now to gain free access to entertainment and music, just imagine what PAYTOO can do for the world of finance.


We’re only getting started,

Michel Poignant



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