PAYTOO’s tips, to make your college experience even better!


Graduation Day is over and you are now enjoying the summer with barbecues and its beach days. College is around the corner. By now, you have probably selected the university where you are going this fall.

At PAYTOO we want to provide some financial advices that might be useful to save money and make your college experience better!

1- Stick to a budget. University means that you are growing up, you are testing independence and it is now time to manage your finances with your income and your expenses. Plan the amount you want to spend in a month and try to stay close to. Don’t forget to add fun things every month such as a concert, eat out with your friends and some shopping. The PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™ is a prepaid solution, so it is the best way to stick to your plan without surprise.

2- Know the financial aids that can benefit you. Same scholarships might be based on academic achievements; others can require renewal each year. Know which ones you can be eligible for.

3- Use studentdiscounts. Your campus ID will offer a large range of advantages, from discounts at local shops to a percentage off expensive purchases. Do not hesitate to use it at much as you can!

4- Think about a part-time job. You can offer tutoring services if you are a good student, or work at a local shop or restaurant. Sharing your opinions with online survey companies is also a way to earn cash.

 5- Start establishing credit. College is the perfect time to learn how to build your credit score. The easiest way to do this is through owning a credit card. But a credit card can put you at risk of potentially overspending. With PAYTOO Safe you can establish your credit score by making a $25 minimum monthly payment and maintaining your balance below your selected PAYTOO Safe secure credit line. Your payment activity is reported to the major credit bureaus.

6- Save money with your purchases by using a discount card. Your student ID will allow some reduction but it will be limited. PAYTOO Deals offers cash back in 250,000 locations nationwide for just $49 subscription. You can enjoy up to 50% off at retail stores on apparel, electronics, and jewelry. Including most department stores and much more.

7- Be aware of the banking fees. Each withdraw, transfer and bills payments are subject to fees. If you decide to open get a PAYTOO Mobile Wallet, you can withdraw money from a PAYTOO cardless ATM with fees less than those from a bank. You can also transfer money for free to your friends and family with your PAYTOO Mobile Wallet.


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