A letter from the CEO: It’s a celebration! July 4th is around the corner, and PAYTOO is taking off…


It’s now July and PAYTOO™ has already had some major achievements for 2014, including the kick off of the PAYTOO ATM, allowing PAYTOO Customers to access their money directly from their mobile wallet without needing a credit or debit card.

And that’s not all ! It gets better ! Usually, if one is in need of emergency cash and no other person to turn to for instant help, a cash advance is mostly the only option. Unfortunately, these are granted with outrageous interest rates and from less than reputable businesses, that will harass you to get repaid. PAYTOO is now ready to offer short-term cash assistance with PAYTOO Direct that comes with easy, affordable and convenient cash advance features for immediate access to the funds from any PAYTOO ATM.

But it doesn’t end here! . Every PAYTOO users in the US will have access to 10,000 billers, and future cash deposit options. At the same time, PAYTOO continues to promote PayToo Deals, the largest discount club in North America. PAYTOO Deals features over 250,000 merchants offering up to 50% off as discounts. Customers will be able to shop not only within their budget, but will have more money to spend for other things thanks to the savings sustained, and without sacrificing the great products and services that they love.

PAYTOO Direct, PAYTOO Safe are just another two more products on PAYTOO’s road map and are open to all PAYTOO customers. These achievements may be enough for some companies, but for PAYTOO, it’s only the beginning. We’ve just completed re-designing PAYTOO.com and we are also close to release the PAYTOO App for Apple and Android devices, making your mobile wallet even more accessible. Our motto this year is “Convenience is King”, so expect to see and hear about even more features and tie-ins in the coming months.

2014 is the year of PAYTOO, and since we’re all about saving you money, 2014 is going to be the year of the PAYTOO customers.

Happy July 4th!

Michel Poignant


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