10 Reasons You Need a PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™

By: Serena Spates

Whether your one of the 3 Billion people without a bank account or one of the countless paying large fees for a checking or savings account; there’s only one solution – the PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™.

The PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™ is a virtual account for your money that’s available when, why, and wherever you need it.

And here are ten reasons you need one:

  1. The PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™ account is FREE!
  2. You can manage your money from your cell phone. Don’t have a smart phone? No worries, you can access your account from any mobile device.
  3. PayToo is global and fast. You can send and receive money all around the world in real time.
  4. No more Western Union Fees. It’s Free to send money to anyone.
  5. The virtual Visa. Use your PayToo Mobile Wallet to create a virtual Visa to shop online or pay bills.
  6. Direct Deposit. Skip the expensive check cashing fees and the long lines at the Check Cashing store. Get your paycheck direct deposited directly into you PayToo Mobile Wallet.
  7. Bill Payment. Save time and pay your bills directly from your account.
  8. You can Top Up your prepaid cell phone or your friends and family directly from your account.
  9. PAYTOO Prepaid MasterCard. With your card you can shop online, shop in stores, use the ATM and more.

10. PAYTOO Deals. As a bonus when you shop at PayTooDeals.com with your PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™ you can earn up to 20% cash back and rewards.

There are a countless amount of benefits for using the PAYTOO Mobile Wallet™ but simply put it saves you time and money when it comes to managing your money.



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